Michael O’Brien’s final Super 25 basketball rankings

With record and preseason ranking

1. Curie (28-5) 8
2. Benet (31-4) NR
3. Lincoln-Way West (22-10) 12
4. Simeon (30-4) 2
5. St. Joseph (25-10) 11
6. Morgan Park (26-4) 1
7. Kenwood (22-5) 5
8. Fenwick (28-3) 3
9. Notre Dame (25-7) 13
10. North Lawndale (22-8) NR
11. Marian Catholic (23-6) 9
12. Thornton (25-4) NR
13. Deerfield (28-4) NR
14. Young (19-9) 14
15. Bogan (20-8) 6
16. Evanston (23-6) 7
17. Proviso East (18-9) NR
18. Riverside-Brookfield (22-6) 4
19. Joliet West (21-10) 16
20. Conant (23-7) NR
21. St. Charles East (18-13) NR
22. Stevenson (24-7) 17
23. York (20-13) NR
24. Hillcrest (23-7) NR
25. Vocational (21-9) NR



  • gary hogan

    Benet only acts nice when they win, I watched them lose to ryan boatright at EA, and they were as belligerent and nasty of fans as any, players included. So stop with the well-behaved stuff, just cause a few of their parents may have a little money.

  • Shogun29ppg

    please guys, much ado about nothing, my question is when is East Aurora going to return to prominence, I have been so disappointed with the lack of urgency with returning to program to what it once was. The once fabulous gym, which I considered iconic and a shrine, is falling apart, not being maintained at all, the administrators and faculty should be ashamed, how they have let a once proud tradition deteriorate. I understand the economics of the situation, but those that stayed should be accountable for where the program is now. There are so people in attendance that you can talk to people on the other side of the gym, during a game. I feel those that are associated with the program, are simply about the paycheck, not the total interest of the child. They need to get people involved in the program that truly care, and truly believe the program can be restored. The players act as though they could care less, most of the time, and I believe that is a trickle down effect for leadership. They do not carry themselves as though it is a privilege to wear that uniform. Their are viable candidates out there that would truly be guardians of the program, i.e. Rick Robinson, Rick Nelson, just to name a few. These folks would supply a needed ingredient to the program, PASSION.

  • Tom

    I thought it was kind of funny how the prediction here was ‘NO UPSETS’ that everything would play out as it should. BAM!!! The very first game – UPSET! Well, at least you were half right…………lol!

  • Tom

    Malcolm – I think the ‘real’ sleeper here was Benet. To start the season unrated and finish 2nd THAT’S a sleeper. St. Joes’ was also good.

  • Tom F

    How about a little ‘RESPECT’ for girls’ high school basketball on the internet site. There seems to be room for boys events from a months ago. Use that room for the girls games. They work just as hard and deserve the recognition.

  • Coach Davis

    Great job all year with the ranking… Been a fun season til next year…Coach Davis

  • Michael O'Brien

    Rockford is not in the Sun-Times’ coverage area. You may have noticed that Belleville Althoff is also not on the list…

  • Al

    Auburn High Shool finishes 4th at state, loses to the eventual state champs by 2 points, beats several teams on this list and gets no love! Stay hungry Knights; still being disrespected!

  • Malcolm

    St. Joseph was a sleeper this year and that’s hard to say…with Watson, Ash and Brown graduated there was “No Way” I thought they’d be back!!! With a young team they should have success. Marquise Walker will be a household name!!!

  • Yankee

    How about separate top 25 ratings for private, Chicago, and suburbs next year. It would put the suburban schools on an equal footing, at least with the ratings.

  • Anonymous

    Benet beat Fenwick at Fenwick, Notre Dame, Conant by 20, Joliet West, Stevenson, York twice, and Simeon. Also they took Marian Catholic to Double OT at Marian. They had plenty of signature wins.

  • Tom Anstett

    First you did a fine job with your work each week. Thanks for supplying an eye on the prep basketball world for readers. One item about your final super 25 – L-W West is

  • Kev

    You’re perfect !! And Fair!! Bogan would have State Championship appearances if not for Morgan Park!! People think about how CVS feels and Simeon!! Mike you call it great !! Teach them about the Red South!!

  • C Note

    Wow you really DO hate Glenbard West….RB went from NR last week to 18 this week and they were knocked out on March 4

  • Pirate Sleeved Jersey

    Always enjoy your coverage although still puzzled by the RB luv, didn’t even win a regional and they were o-fer in big games this season. Hard to see them ranked ahead of some of the other regional winners. Nice job by Benet this season, but couldn’t agree more w/ you that their fans need some cheese w/ their whine. Watched a bunch of their games this season and listening to their fans made it difficult for an impartial observer to root for a nice group of kids.

  • Norm

    Mike, thanks for doing everything that you do to help create our “Prep basketball world.” It seems though, when it comes to both college and HS rankings, that there has been too much emphasis on “Signature” wins relative to wins/losses. The supposedly “Non-Signature” programs in both college and preps have proven their worth. A team like Bogan that had many losses yet wasn’t penalized because of who they played is an example. Benet and LWW are two obvious examples of overlooked teams because they didn’t have Signature wins. The supposed “Signature Teams” aren’t always as good as advertised. Ask Michigan State about “No-Name” schools. Of course strength of schedule matters, but It seems as if gets too much emphasis today. Have a nice summer.

  • Dickie V

    Glenbard West beat York twice. Same with Fenwick and St Joes. Lazy rankings.

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